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Julia Stegner x Claudia Knoepfel and Stefen Indlekofer for 25 Magazine.

Love seeing babe Jaime King in NOE Undergarments.  The perfect #INNERWEAREXPOSED style… 


Sneak peak…

Sahara Ray x  NOE Undergarments.

Downtown LA.  

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She’s Bad.

Peak at A/W14 NOE Undergarments.

Launching early August on NOEUNDERGARMENTS.COM

Photography by Embry Rucker

In the spotlight… The Ryan Silk Bustier Bra

Editorial feature styled by Tara Williams in the land down under…



Baron: The Future of Sex

Virtual Lovers and Hybrid Positions in the London Journal’s Latest Spread

Dutch photographers Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm depict the best of both sexes in today’s exclusive series taken from the third issue of Baron magazine. Founded by Jonathan Baron and Matthew Holroyd, the self-published title lies at the intersection of art and pornography, and for its latest edition, “The Future of Sex,” the journal gets under the skin of relationships in the digital age. Eighty-eight-year-old Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman provides the unlikely reference point with a rumination on the allure of “virtual relationships,” while the list of guest editors includes the co-founder of the New York Club Kids movement, Michael Alig, and Night editor Henry Rubin (issue two saw Tyrone Lebon take the reins). Here, the magazine’s quick-witted “spoof” editor The Baron talks tapping into online desires, and logging off.

How did this issue come about?
The Baron: Personally I find it much easier to have virtual sex. My virtual lovers Venus and Min Ho don’t want an emotional relationship; there are no tears and tantrums when I get bored and log off. And I adore cam roulette; I have a fetish for certain body parts. It is all a bit like low-fat food, really. The main issue is I don’t really go out much now…

What do you predict for the future of sex?
B: I think that digital technologies are damaging my sense of mystique, taboo and imagination a bit. For example, my online lover Sheman who is part man and woman, doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Your Twitter bio calls Baron "a magazine for the core of human desire," and there’s been more than a few parallels made to pornography. How would you categorize its contents?
B: I think Brett Anderson from Suede summarized this well in his foreword for the next issue: “pornographic and tragic”.

What is pornography’s place in society today?
B: I have a brilliant compact hard drive, which is easily portable and brilliant for storing lots of films on. 

And your last thoughts on Blommers & Schumm’s series?
B: It is called Best of Both. I guess they were tapping into my inner desires.



LA heat… time to hit the streets, in your undergarments of course.

Dani Thorne in NOE Undergarment’s Oliver bandeau and Oliver Hi-Rise brief. 

Photography by Aris Jerome

Hold on tight, the weekend is almost here….

Hold on tight, the weekend is almost here….

We kind of love International kissing day…
Start kissing.

We kind of love International kissing day…

Start kissing.


Let us eat cake.

Re // Another Magazine.

Lucinda Taffs x Tara Williams
Wearing NOE Undergarment Ryan Silk Bodysuit.


Lucinda Taffs x Tara Williams

Wearing NOE Undergarment Ryan Silk Bodysuit.


Jessie Andrews x Gavriel Maynard