Harmony— We just can’t seem to get enough of her!  We were thrilled to see her latest interview for i-D…

Following a casual code of less-is-more (clothes included), Harmony is the epitome of androgyny, her looks ranging from exquisite feline model to ethereal lost boy. With crosses through her ears and cheekbones that could cut straight through that girl-boy divide, she was the ideal choice for punk-inspired shoe brand Underground. But not only has this girl got the face of an impish rock ‘n’ roller, to top it off she’s the front woman of band Vuvuvultures, which all started unintentionally when she followed girlfriend, Nicole, into the recording studio. Immediately snapped up as lead singer of the then named Bunny Come, the band was re-birthed with the addition of a drummer to become disco-house, electro-pop band Vuvuvultures.

She may hang out in East London, but the opening of a new Underground store in Berwick Street tonight, and the recent release of Vuvuvultures’ EP ‘VVV’ shows that Miss Boucher is going nowhere but up.

How did your band Vuvuvultures start? Vuvuvultures started as a studio project with Paul (guitar/keys) and Nicole (bass) and then I was hanging around like a bad smell until they got me to sing on something! We then found Matt (drums) through his and Nicole’s mutual love for dressing up and handing out cookies. He joined to come bash things and once we’d taken the whole thing to the stage, I think we were truly born as a band.

Your girlfriend is in Vuvuvultures too, do your musical tastes ever differ? Haha yes drastically most of the time! She introduced me to a lot of new music I’d heard of but never heard before and I’ve shown her music she’d rather not have heard. We both have a mutual love for latino, mexican and crooners though.

What do you like to wear when you perform? As little as possible generally. But I’d love to wear more. Until there’s something for me that’s worth wearing I think I’ll carry on wearing next to nothing. Some epic jewellery would def go down well though if I could find some!

What’s the best thing about being in a band? Writing, playing live and creating a little mini family with people who are just as insane as you are.

How long have you been modelling? What aspects do you like/dislike? I’ve only been modelling for about a year so I don’t think I’ve experienced the true life of being a model yet. But I guess there’s things about every industry that you’re gonna like and dislike and modelling and music are the same. I think the one thing to know is that through everything, you have to stay true to who you are or else you’ll get caught up in the fakeness.

Are you interested in fashion or is music your main creative outlet? Fashion has always been a part of my life but other than being a model, there aren’t other elements at the moment that excite me massively. I would say that music is definitely my outlet for creativity but I think that performing is also a massive outlet for me and that’s part of being a front woman for a band and being a model. It’s all a big performance!

What is the worst gig you’ve ever played? And the best? It’s hard to say the worst gig as generally it’s everything but the performance that makes it the worst gig. Gigs when other bands are douches or the promoter is a dick are the ones that kill me the most. When you do a show and everyone is in competition I just don’t get it. The best gig so far has been our EP launch and the first gig about three years ago in my old band when I realised I wanted to be on stage as long as I could still stand. That was an awesome feeling.

Tell us a secret about yourself? haha.. seen Nicole and mine’s matching tattoos yet?

If you won the lotto what would you buy? I would buy a house with a barn on the beach and start throwing mini festivals and make it into a venue/café/recording studio and then… I would never leave!

What is your favourite thing about London? And your least favourite? London is a melting pot of insane people and I love that. I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world that you get to meet genuinely eccentric weirdos in every day life and get to have them as your friends. I wouldn’t survive without my friends in London but I’ve met them all through being in london and I am so grateful for that!

London can be the most inspiring city but it can also be the most depressing and the hardest city to live in. I don’t think I’ve been so poor and depressed anywhere like I get in london. But I can’t leave yet as I know I have so much more to achieve in this city!

What’s it like being the face of Underground shoes? It’s strange being the face of something, hopefully I’m the face they were hoping for!

If you were a superhero who would you be and why? Spiderman… obviously. Can you imagine webbing up buildings. AMAZING

Text: Felicity Kinsella
Interview: Caroline Newell

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